T.M. Tulini Macchine has own technical office that develops all applications from beginning.

Starting from the analisys of problems, taking care of all details and searching for the best solutions for the projet in way to assure the full functionnality of the building equipment.

Customer is informed in real time about all processes in way to keep his staff up to dated to all technical details.




T.M. Tulini Macchine can also supply, with the internal staff, customers for develops their projects, always assuring the maximum reservation of all treated informations. We can also develop any kind of prototypes with the best techologies available on the market.



Engineering and production of die sets for every packaging machines brands both as spare parts and new die sets.

Engineering of cutting stations both flexible and rigid materials and also for special cutting shapes in function of customer requests. We can supply blades, knives and all spare parts for cutting stations.

We can supply every spare parts, even if custom designed and in very short time. We have high tech tooling machines that can guarantee the best results at the best price. Ask us a quotation for your spare parts.

We can supply all spare parts for packaging machine brands as CONTEL TIROPAC TIROMAT MULTIVAC COLIMATIC DIXIE and lot of more.



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