T.M. Tulini Macchine borns in 2003 after a long experience aquired by own employees  in machine and automatic plants building, applied in different braches of industry included packaging. 

Main fields of our market where we developped our applications are food, medical and pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber, wood, automotive.

Applications developped during years were applied in different phases of production cycle embedding tools and machines from raw material tooling up to packaging & end line devices.



Our jobs begin when customer contact us showing their problems to be solved. Technical dept. can provide best solutions in terms of technology and costs in functions of customer needs.

The team of our engineers can collect all your requests and develop the product following your needs, using always the best solutions available on the market.

Our base point is to assure customer about maximum reservation of projects developped .


Technical sevice available 24h/7d can solve a wide range of problems. Our engineers can support you in  really short time, reducing the down time of your plants and improving their real efficency.

Knowlegde and know-how of our technicians allows us to support you technically in a wide range of machines and plants. CONTACT US FOR INFO YOU NEED OR PROBLEMS YOU'RE HAVING !!!!

We can supply lot of spare parts, even if custom deisigned, in very short time. Our workshop has hi tech equipments and we can delivery parts worldwide.

In the packaging branch we can supply spare parts of packaging line of main machine builder as CONTEL TIROPAC TIROMAT MULTIVAC COLIMATIC DIXIE and lot of more.

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